Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Three Signs You're Just Not Ready for Marriage

Marriage.... Who is ever truly ready for it? 

Many people try to make it seem as though they are but the truth is if you have never been in it, you cannot be prepared for the emotional and psychological rollercoaster it is. I guess the question now is 'if no one is ever truly ready for marriage,what's the point of this post?' Yes, no one can ever be fully ready for marriage; however some people would succeed at it if they took the leap. Others however would fail epically. If you were to jump into marriage right now, will you fail? Here are three signs that you might.

#1 You are unhappy as a single person: Many single people tend to be unhappy because the single tag seems to be more of a disease to society than anything else. As a single person you probably believe that marriage will remove your shame,pain and all the sadness that comes with being single. Well guess what? That's a big fat lie. To be happy in marriage,you must first be happy on your own. You must know what makes you tick,what makes you laugh,what makes you cry and most importantly what makes you who you are. You cannot find happiness in marriage if you don't take happiness into it.

#2 You can't stop checking out your options: Many people even beyond their teenage years get an ego boost from chasing and being chased by other people. If you are still in this phase, you are certainly not ready to be married to anyone, not even if the person is your best friend who understands your quirks and undying need for attention. People who still want to entertain indecent attention from people other than their partners will not stop after marriage. It requires emotional maturity to get over that phase,and if you're not that mature yet, you're just not. Being married won't change that.

#3 You can't handle conflict: It's one thing to be unable to control your temper (which by the way is a sign you should not get married); but it's another thing to be a 'sulker' whenever you have a disagreement with your partner. Some people don't sulk during disagreements, they threaten to leave EVERY SINGLE TIME. If you have such attributes, don't bother investing in marriage. Yes sure, you are probably with a person who always runs to your doorstep to apologize whenever you start sulking or pack up and leave, but that veil will only last so long. In marriage, your partner will get tired of being on the begging end every time, and that will surely ruin your marriage.



  1. This is a good amount of information and I am glad I found your blog about relationships. Thanks.

  2. Does height matters in choosing a partner?

  3. Thanks, it's the right word at d right time


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