Monday, May 9, 2016

Good Guys' Guide to Getting the Girl

Many good guys can't help by lament at their inability to snag the girl of their dreams. I suppose the phrase "good girls like bad boys"was born from this frustration. Why do good girls go for the 'bad boys'? or better still why do good girls prefer a repentant 'bad boy' to a man who has never been bad?
If you are the average good guy and you've been asking yourself these questions, the following tips are for you. 

#1 Girls like men who can decode them: Many of us develop styles of conversation as we grow older hence we find it difficult to connect with people who converse differently from us... except we learn to be malleable in the way we speak and address others. Every girl you meet will not like the same kinds of topics, or even respond the same way to your actions. The first and most important thing you should try to learn is what she likes to discuss and how she likes to discuss it. Failure to quickly pick up what she's about will only result in you boring her to death.. which leads me to my next point. 

# Girls like a guy who's fun: You don't have to be a stand-up comedian to be fun. You just need to apply your sense of humor every now and then especially when the conversation is getting too weighty and the lady you're interested in is beginning to stare into space rather than listen to you. Throw in a couple of jokes, some sarcasm, and some funny actual experiences and boom! she'll want to spend more time speaking to you. Good girls like to talk; if you can indulge them in fun yet stimulating conversations, your progress will be exponential. 

# Girls want to be wooed: The mistake many men make is that they want to win a good woman over without wooing her. Afterall, love don't cost a thing yea? Don't believe J.Lo here because she really can't help you. If you want to win a good woman over, it will cost more than a thing. Being a good guy is not enough to win a girl over. Endless poems about the star quality of her eyes, and the royal air around her will not win her over completely. A hundred other guys have probably said the same thing to her so you have to step up your game here. Wooing a person is not about the amount of money spent; it is about the quality and timing of the actions. So, when she's having a bad day, get her a chocolate bar or some ice cream; when she is so stressed out, she can't catch herself, reassure her of her strength and ability to pull through.... slowly, she will feel closer to you and start to confide in you. Then you know that you're on a winning streak.

#3 Don't try to change her or her beliefs: You have to understand that the lady you like will have some beliefs about life and herself that you are not completely in agreement with. When you have just met her, try not to dwell on those else you will lose her to such trivial issues. Rather than aiming to change her and arguing with who she is, let her be who she is, and invest the energy and time required to tweak any attributes you don't like. An abrasive approach will not change a woman anymore than it will change a man, so let your feelings and actions do the changing.

#5 Girls like a guy that is easygoing and relatable: I meet many qualified men, and at first when they tell me they are single, my first impulse is to ask what women are thinking! How can such amazing men who are well-educated and exposed still be single? Then I speak to them for twenty minutes and I just want to crawl into bed. Why? They are boring! And they can't shut up! If you want to get the girl, you have to be easygoing and relatable. She might be from an academic background that is completely different from yours, so it would not make sense if you're going on about the ill effects of hydraulic fracturing to a lady who has a PhD in literature. Chances are she doesn't care and it will sound like crazy talk to her so RELAX. Talk about the weather, TV programs, events of the day, laugh more, go for drinks more, just RELAX. Don't bore her to death; if you do the first opportunity you get to spend time with her, you will never see her again. She's more likely to start liking you if she can relate with you. 


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