Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Four Types of Good People You Should Not Marry

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Everyone wants to marry a good person; I strongly doubt people wake up in the morning and pray to God for an abusive partner who takes them for granted and makes their life hell. Surely, no one asks for that. People want a partner who's not shy with the loving or stingy with the cherishing. People want a partner who is God-fearing, sweet-natured, understanding, tolerant and mature. And if you find a person who embodies all these traits, you've hit the jackpot. However, do you know that you can meet a person who embodies all these traits, yet does not fit into your life?

This post is about the four types of good people you should not bother dating. 

#1 The people who are skilled at talking but not skilled at doing: There are many people out there who are amazing and have the core of sweetness embedded in them but they are the most frustrating partners you will ever have. They thrive on talking about what they want to do, and where they want to do. These are the people who dream and speak about those dreams more than they actually do anything about them. Provide them with the resources they actually need to get started and you'll see them pull away, citing a thousand and one excuses as to why they can't do it 'just yet'. Spouses like this make relationships unsustainable. They create a lot of hope but you will never see that hope materialize into anything substantial. Instead, you will be faced with a dull reality filled with ambition but zero action.

#2 The people who keep waiting for the dream to work out the exact way they dreamed it: We all have dreams and aspirations. And of course, many of us play things out in our heads and hope that everything works out just the way we planned. But let's face it! Nothing ever really plays out the way we want. We sometimes find ourselves taking a roundabout route to get to our desired destination. There are many good people out there who will refuse to adapt to circumstances because they are waiting for the dream to play out the way they dreamed it. Offer them a position in Australia, and they will tell you about how their dream is to live in Belgium; hence they cannot accept the position in Australia even if it propels them forward. Partners like this are frustrating and if you are an adaptive go-getter, it's only a matter of time before you get frustrated.

#3 The people who do not speak or do anything. They are just thankful: I personally feel these are the most frustrating set of good people you will ever meet. These are the people who believe everything is fine just as it is. They are the people who never make any moves, never go after any aspirations (because they don't have any). They are simply thankful to exist, and are satisfied to remain in one place for the rest of their lives. Even when the opportunity to make a major positive change in their lives presents itself, they cannot be bothered. They are just thankful!

#4 The people who believe prayer alone is sufficient: It is not a bad thing to pray. I myself am focusing on improving my prayer life, but let us be realistic; praying and sitting still results in nothing. I cannot say I want to take a trip overseas, pray about it, but never buy a ticket or make the necessary arrangements. Sadly, many people, good people, think that prayer is the only way they will be successful. They pray but they never gain an understanding of the times we live in or even gain knowledge that makes them valuable to their communities or society at large. They think it is not a Christian attitude to pursue knowledge, become important or advance in anything in life. 

AVOID these good people! Sure they won't cheat or abuse you but they will put your life at a standstill, and will certainly not push you to achieve your full potential. You might go ahead against the odds they present, but be ready to carry them around as deadweight. To be truly happy, choose a partner who will not hold you back! XOXO

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