Thursday, March 7, 2013

5 things you should know about Pre-marrieds

There are many engaged couples who think that they are well prepared for marriage however it is wise to let them realise what they may not know. Therefore, I take time to discuss these during the premarital classes.

  1. Many engaged couples were "dark glasses". An engaged person almost always knows about the negative "things" of his or her partner but figures, "It will change when we are married"......Reality. Be prepared these negative things may not change or would take a lot of prayers. No nagging will change these characteristics
  2. Many couples are not ready for accountability. Some people feel that they should not be accountable to their spouses. They feel they can still continue with their single life "habits" .... Reality. In marriage, you are accountable to your spouse. You cannot decide to take off without telling your spouse. You cannot afford to throw tantrums or go off in moods thinking it is your entitlement. The Two become One in marriage, so everything you do affects the other partner.
  3. Many couples do not know they have "baggages". A significant number of couples have discussed only in part how their past has affected them. Many have no idea about the serious relationship baggage they are bringing int the marriage.......Reality. People come into marriages with preconceived notions, whether right or wrong; a man's role in the home,   the place of career in a woman's life, attitude towards in-laws, not trustung your spouse with your finance and many more. These notions may have been gotten from films, parents and environment. Couples should look to God's word for the right attitude and mindsets.
  4. Some engaged couples are not aware of their idealistic expectations about the relationship and the marriage. Some have the "Happily Ever After" expectation about their marriages......Reality. I don't mean to bust your bubble but please wake up. As the saying goes, "Marriage is like a bed of roses, but roses do have thorns". No one is perfect. You are not perfect and your spouse is not perfect. But with God's grace, we all strive towards perfection like our Father in Heaven.
  5. Many couples are not excited about premarital counselling. They consider it a necessary evil, just another thing they need to squeeze in to an already busy schedule.....Reality. Premarital counselling is necessary and good. It is expedient to know God's word concerning marriage. It helps prepare you for the best journey of your life.

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