Saturday, March 23, 2013

Separate Bedrooms in Marriage?

I came across a survey which revealed that 24 percent off married couples slept alone. The question is, will separate bedrooms save or destroy your marriage?

Oh no! But what would happen to those precious moments before sleep for cuddling and talking. For many couples, it's the only time of the hectic day that they are in the same room without other people.

I can already hear some of you quoting "What God has joined together..." But consider insomnia, temperature of the room, to cuddle or not to cuddle, bed size, firmness of bed, preferred side, windows open or closed, sleeping with children or pets, sleepwalking etc
In my opinion, there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to sleep but sleeping together is a very important part of being integrated with one another however in terms or matter of fact sleeping in separate beds to get a good nights sleep is reasonable.

So perhaps people should do what works best for them but it is important to be consensual about maintaining intimacy, this cannot be over emphasized.

As odd as it might sound, some women desire to always be seen as beautiful without moments of sagging flesh, hence they hide their exposure of nudity and she gets to keep all her personal feminine things and other feminine "timing things" with some privacy. On the other hand, some men prefer not to sleep next to their wives during their menstrual period or while nursing a baby but the fact remains that this urge for privacy might make the other spouse feel distanced from her partner and some women might find such demands archaic, weird or just silly. The other spouse should consider the implication of these feelings.

Finally, it is of paramount importance that both husband and wife learn to accommodate each other lovingly and sensitively. That is the foundation of anything that will last long.

Ijeoma Olujekun

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