Friday, August 15, 2014

Are You Hoping for a Miracle?

Everyone prays for a miracle at some point in life. Some situations are just beyond our human control and are seemingly impossible, the only way out is a miracle. My understanding of a miracle is that it is a life changing event that defies human logic. It is out of the ordinary and often beyond human comprehension. Everyone yearns to experience at least one miracle in their lifetime, but what happens if the miracle we expect does not happen in spite of our incessant prayers?

I read summer by Karen Kingsbury this week, and it opened my eyes to an entirely different dimension regarding miracles. There are times when we pray so hard for something, and we completely fixate on the expected outcome, we don't see other things God might be bringing to our attention. It happens that sometimes God makes things work differently from what we expect because he has an entirely different purpose for that situation. I like how Karen illustrated this with 1 Kings 19. Prophet Elijah was in trouble, and was at risk of being killed. He ran away and was fed by angels for a while. During this period, God spoke to him and asked him to stand on a mountain where he will pass by. There was a strong wind, followed by an earthquake and then fire! Surely Elijah must have been thinking... "Ooh that must be God" as each of these things occurred, but surprisingly, God was not in any of these events. He was in the gentle whisper that came afterwards!

Many of us pray and expect God to show up in dramatic ways that will 'justify' our miracle. We fixate on that dramatic outcome and pay no attention to the gentle whisper. If you are hoping for a miracle, hope, pray with all your heart, and believe nothing is impossible with God. However, bear in mind also that God is sovereign, and his will will be done always! His word says all things work together for the good of those who love Him. Your miracle might come in a different form, it might even come at a later time but it will work out in the way that's best for you. Don't fixate on one possible outcome; that's a way of limiting God by thinking you know what he'll do and how he'll do it. Pray and have faith that God in his awesome and mighty power will supply all your needs, resolve your conflicts and heal your illnesses. Listen to the gentle whisper; perhaps that's where the miracle you truly need lies.

Have a blessed weekend. Xoxo

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