Saturday, August 9, 2014

As a Man Thinks.....

I've read many books about the power of thoughts and the effect they have on how a person's life turns out. The secret was one of such books that dwelled on the power of attraction through thought; the basic principle being you will attract what you think about. Battlefield of the mind by Joyce Meyer examined the power of our thoughts in a different dimension that piqued my interest. The main question was "what are you thinking about?"

There's so much going on around us; terrorism, famine, illnesses and so on. It's difficult to stay positive when there's so much chaos around. It is no surprise that depression keeps claiming lives, even the lives of those who appear to have everything.  When you are idle, what kind of thoughts creep into your heart? Do you take note of your thoughts? Do you immediately combat negative thoughts with the word of God?  Many people take negative thoughts for granted; we think they are just thoughts, and nothing more. Wrong! Your thoughts are like seeds that predict the kind of thing fruit you'll bear. It's simple logic. Plant tomato seeds and you will harvest tomatoes not maize.

As a man thinks, so is he! - Proverbs 23:7
This Bible verse is deeper than most of us like to think. It highlights the basis of our ability and capabilities as humans. All we can become lies in our thoughts. What we think is what we become! We must endeavour to only entertain positive thoughts, and oust negative thoughts with promises God has made available to us through the bible. Don't let the devil creep into your heart and steal your joy with thoughts of hopelessness and inadequacy. Dare to dream,  dare to think positive.  What you think of yourself is what you become. What kind of thoughts do you entertain? 


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