Thursday, August 7, 2014

Who Should You Blame When Your Spouse Cheats?

I guess this post would serve the community of married women more, however I'll admit I've seen many women cheat on their spouses. Cheating is fast becoming a norm, and many individuals go into relationships ready to deal with cheating the way they deem fit. I believe there is need for a psychological overhaul to displace the belief that cheating is a normal part of relationships, but for now, the big question is who to blame when cheating occurs. 

I read an interesting post on Facebook where a woman spoke bitterly about catching her husband and their house guest in the act. She went on to describe how she sent the house guest out of the house, and how she has forgiven her husband, without any display of anger towards him. Afterall, it was the fault of the 'strange woman' who came to their home to seduce her husband.  At first it made sense when one looks at it from the angle of 'these people opened their home to you and you have sex with the husband? How dare you?!' However, as I pondered over it later,  I had to ask "why did the husband succumb to temptation? He's the husband that walked down the aisle, stood in front of the altar and said his vows! Why then should the external induvidual be solely blamed for the infidelity? 

Many married women are quick to join hands and cast curses on 'the other woman' while the husband enjoys better meals at home and a pat on the back for succumbing to temptation. Some women even generate conspiracy theories that the other woman must have bewitched their husbands. STOP blaming the other party for your spouse's infidelity! It really infuriates me when married individuals point fingers at the so-called strange woman when they are living with the strange spouses. If your spouse cheats, it should be handled by confronting your partner!  That's the person you exchanged vows with. People often ask me... "what if the other person is truly chasing my spouse?" No doubt, that truly happens but I always ask with a concerned look on my face "You are not married to a toddler, are you?" Your partner can make the right choice! You can't expect to have a relationship that is not sometimes shaken by temptation! Even Jesus the son of God was tempted but he made a decision not to be overcome by the brief pleasure he could enjoy by succumbing to temptation. 

Your marriage is between you, your partner and God. Don't go around blaming the other woman or other man. Your partner should know and do what is right by you if he or she truly loves you! Xoxo

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