Thursday, August 21, 2014

Healthy Choices Make Happy People!

Our choices can make us or break us. That's something I've learned growing up. So many of us fail to make healthy choices especially in our youth because unhealthy choices seem to be a lot more fun, and we can't help but let ourselves be lured by the exuberance that comes with these unhealthy choices.

In order to live a life that is truly full of happiness, and void of expectations of horrible consequences from bad decisions in the past, it is important to start making healthy choices now. When most people hear the word 'healthy', they immediately think of a slim well-toned body that shows off the benefits of healthy eating and exercise. However, what's a healthy body without a healthy mind?

Many of us are so worried about how our bodies look, we completely forget about how healthy our minds are. I told my friends recently that there are too many broken relationships and marriages because there are too many psychologically unhealthy people, walking around oblivious of the brokenness within them. It's time to start making healthy choices where your heart, spirit and body is concerned. All these three components make up your entire being so one aspect shouldn't be fed while others are deprived.

Stop making choices that only bring you pain! Stop dating abusive men or women who take you for granted and mop the floor with you. Stop dating people who are just out to get whatever they can from you before they vanish into thin air. Stop letting negative people rent space in your head! Don't get involved with gossips, it won't do your mind any good. To be fully happy, you need to sow the right seeds in your heart. Everytime you allow someone else steal your happiness, you are planting a thorn in your heart. Everytime you make a choice to stay in an unhealthy relationship, you are plunging daggers into your own heart. It may seem like it's just your pain to handle, but sooner or later, you'll be in a serious relationship and will have nothing left in your heart but thorns and daggers.

Make healthy choices for your body too! Eat fruits and vegetables as often as possible, avoid foods high in cholesterol, avoid sugar as much as you can, try to eat a balanced diet as often as possible. Don't forget to exercise as much as possible. Make healthy choices for your spirit- read your bible, pray, build a good relationship with God, proclaim his word, speak in faith, and act in faith.

Make different choices, make better choices, make happier choices. XOXO

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