Thursday, August 28, 2014

Do You Have the 'Low Risk, High Reward' Approach to Relationships?

Nobody wants to lose in life. It is tough to lose in anything, be it in your life, promotion at the workplace or even a mere game of 30 seconds. I have been reading up on investment banking and I discovered the bankers do a risk assessment that helps guide the decisions they make regarding mergers and acquisitions etc.It is funny to me now that i think about the fact that most of us are like bankers, especially us the ladies. We do a risk assessment before we go into a relationship, and that's OK! You should do that so you know what you are getting yourself into. However, the problem comes in when we want to assess the other party without putting ourselves under the microscope to be assessed.

Relationships, like business are a two-way street that require commitment from both ends of the spectrum if there is any chance of them succeeding. These days, most people go into relationships with the aim of finding out everything about the other party, getting all the relationship benefits they can get, without actually commiting to a relationship. I believe it's called the 'go with the flow' syndrome that we have all invented to suit our selfish needs. We want to get as much as we can from the other party and bail when we get tired or bored without having to cut the ties of a formally-established relationship. Sad!

The chances of you ever finding happiness in a relationship with this approach is slim to none! No one wants to be with someone that believes in obtaining the benefits of a mutual relationship, while strategically planning how to bail on it when it suits them. These days young ladies lead men on so they can get expensive gifts; it helps if he is financially bouyant because then, he won't notice he's  being used to fill up the lady's wardrobe. On the other hand, most young men lead women that genuinely care about them on so they can get sex from them. It's a low risk high reward approach because most of these people do not bare themselves before the other party. They don't share intricate details of their lives, they don't want you to meet their friends even after months of knowing them, they don't want to commit but they want to reap the benefits of commitment.

If this is your approach to relationships, I'd advise you to quit now! It is synonymous to selfishly using people to fuel your desires and get what you want, while they are left at a deficit. It is wrong, it shows a lack of empathy and above all, it is a form of emotional abuse. Things were created to be used and people were created to be cared for. The world is in chaos because things are being cared for while people are being used. Stop this attitude; it will probably get you all the things that stroke your ego for now, but in future, those things won't matter, and you'll realize you lost valuable relationships because you were too busy reaping rewards you did not want to work for.

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