Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Give Every Day a Chance of Its Own

I bought a new book a few weeks ago titled "Everyday deserves a chance" by Max Lucado. I've always been a big fan of Max's books because he seems to know exactly how to capture the essence of the time we live in, and bring God into the darkest scariest parts of our lives. I decided to share some insights from this book, and some of my deductions with you in the hope that you will begin to have better days from now on. 

Every morning when we wake up from deep or restless slumber, the one thing that is certain is that we have been given another opportunity to live, to dream, to work, and of course to win. It is also another opportunity to sin, gossip, backstab those who trust us, take God's grace for granted, and take pride in ourselves. It is also an opportunity to be sad, depressed, faithless, hopeless, feel worthless and ugly, reiterate mistakes made in the past, and dwell on the relationships that didn't work, the job that never came and the dreams that are still unfulfilled. Every new day is an opportunity. The question is how are you spending your opportunity?

Sometimes, it is difficult to be happy. It is difficult to look up and see a bright day; it is difficult to even have hope because you have had so much hope in the past, your heart is sick from hope deferred. It is difficult to even remember God when you are being tested on such days. Believe me when I say I can write a whole book about this. But I want you to take a step in the right direction starting today. Can you make yourself say "Jesus today is in your hands. Please be with me at every turn." That's the prayer that broke me and made me all at the same time. Sometimes we are sad because we want to be in charge of how our lives play out, but the bible says "none can receive except God gives". It means we cannot decide on how we want life to play out, we can only trust God. If we are to trust God, then we must place every day i.e. every opportunity into his hands so that we can choose life, grace, love, happiness, strength to work and a winning attitude over depression, backbiting and backstabbing, gossiping, pain, regret, worry and everything else we think is important. 

From this day, start to saturate your day in the power and grace of God. Let him be your guide and your captain. Let his grace engulf you, and let his power strengthen you. Give each day a chance of its own by placing it in God's hands. Remain blessed. XOXO

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