Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Kind of Love You Deserve

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I have often heard people second-guess themselves when it comes to love. Descriptions like "too good to be true", "Probably won't work out", "I don't think I deserve him/her" are often thrown around a lot by single people these days. These words play on our minds and our attitude and we eventually find ourselves sabotaging our relationships at every turn. It seems  we are all sitting, waiting, watching for this amazing person we have met to slip up so we can snap our fingers and say "haha! I knew it!" It is very clear that many young people these days do not believe they deserve love. 

You might be asking yourself "what kind of love is she referring to here? The new evolved type of love that is so short-lived, it feels like a whirlwind? Is it the new kind of love where we base everything on instant gratification and get bored right after? Or is it the kind of love where we get scared and jump off the ship the moment we perceive any sign of turbulence?" My response - None of the above. 

If you have been sabotaging good relationships because you believe you don't deserve them, this is for you. And no, this is not directed at males in particular or females in particular, this is for EVERY ONE.  

#1 Know that you are awesome and you deserve someone who knows it too: Many of use tend to change ourselves to suit the class or standards of the other person. We want to trade in our awesomeness for less, just to make someone else happy. You don't need to. You are amazing just the way you are. 

#2 Know that you are imperfect in spite of your awesomeness: It would be great to be perfect right? To have no character flaws or beauty fails... and just be the epitome of perfection. But that's not the case. You're an awesome piece made up of bits of imperfection. The kind of love you deserve is love that sees where you are imperfect yet wants to stay, and through gentle nudges and nurturing 're-directions' (is this a word?) makes you a better person. 

#3 Know that you deserve love that's truly "too good to be true": Yes, he or she is too good to be true, because you've had way less, and you are accustomed to people being 'exploitive' (I think I just coined another word) of you. But the truth is there is someone who will genuinely love you without any ulterior motives to hurt you in the end. Someone who will know your crazy past and your messed up state of mind and still want to be with you. 

My advice: Stop sabotaging those who give you this kind of love. Stop awakening demons of past experiences for nothing. Stop losing those who genuinely care. You deserve love in its most genuine and true form. Let yourself experience it. XOXO

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