Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Why do you want him to enjoy everything without putting a ring on your finger first?

Stories abound about women moving into their fiances' homes on the premise that the men asked them to. When the women move in, they do practically everything for the men - wash his clothes, cook his food, and even have sex with him. Interestingly the women think that since they have given themselves to these relationships on these terms, the men should keep to the terms too.

Wait a minute. Living with a guy does not guarantee anything. He cannot be committed because he hasn't married you. Unfortunately, you have given yourself cheaply to him. Marriage is about love and commitment. Without marriage, there is no commitment. 

Ladies, why do you want him to enjoy everything without putting a ring on your finger first?

You may say that everybody is doing it and why should yours be different? Why don't you check the statistics of people doing it. About 80% of them end up in divorce. This is because marriage now calls for commitment which is different from living together. Before marriage, the man knows that he can walk away because there is no commitment. Now when he is married, he finds it burdensome if he still does not want to commit. For him, these are two different scenarios.

Do not be deceived. If you currently live with a man who has not married you, you need to rethink the relationship. Straighten things out. Call for that discussion. Take a stand and make that decision. Also help him to make that decision.

It is your life and you have a right in making the decision. Do not allow him just enjoy everything without putting a ring on the finger.

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