Thursday, June 16, 2016

Prophesies and Our Beliefs

"Whatever you believe in, works for you; be it positive or negative". A lot people in Africa live their lives based on prophetic utterances; while it works for some, it does not for others.

"Five months ago, my friend's boyfriend called off their 2year relationship without hesitation because his pastor told him he couldn't marry her. To my friend's surprise, her boyfriend called her three months (after the breakup) to plead with her and also to ask if they could continue with the relationship". 
My friend approached me requesting for answers to a lot questions like: 
  • Did the pastor give him another prophecy that she was the one or 
  • Was he convinced she was the one or 
  • Is he confused and does not know what he wants. 
  • Is there now a conflicting prophesy from another Pastor? 
Prophecies are meant to guide you in your decision making and not enforce decisions on you. You can turn a negative prophecy into a positive one through prayer and fasting. You need to have a close relationship with God to interpret prophecies that are meant for you and those not meant for you. You are not compelled to believe every prophecy, you can choose to reject the prophecy immediately or accept it and see it manifest. 

We all seek God's face in the choice of a life partner but if you have a close relationship with God, he will reveal to you your choice of a life partner without you seeking spiritual guidance but most of us are lazy to seek him and therefore approach prophets who tell us what they want us to believe. Some of these prophets are true while others are false. 

"A concerned mother who informed her daughter to leave the husband’s house based on a prophecy ('that she will die if she does not'), believed the prophecy but the daughter rejected it and prayed about it without leaving the husband's house. The daughter is still married to the husband till date but this incident has strained her relationship with her mum". Prophecies should give us a focus on what to pray about and not to create fear in us and allow the negative prophecy manifest in our lives.

"The story of the young man that went viral sometimes ago whose pastor told him at 8 years that he won't be successful academically graduated as one of the youngest PhD holders in Architecture. He said the prophecy devastated him then but he used it to his advantage".

You got a prophecy that you will die next month does not mean you can't live for another 10 years. What you do with the prophecy will determine the outcome i.e. Acceptance or Rejection.

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