Friday, December 6, 2013

The Importance of Confidence

If you have played any close attention to life at all you would have noticed how important confidence really is.

I'm not just talking about confidence in yourself, I'm talking about confidence as a whole. When you know you are supported by something bigger than yourself, that you are loved, that you have the right to stand up for yourself. The kind that comes from knowing who you are.

How do you get this? There are so many sources, I assure, but the major source has to be loved - not in a romantic sense but the sense that makes us rely, believe in and appreciate the God who put little tiny stars in the constellations. The thing about confidence is that it gives you freedom and a path, freedom and responsibility because you can bask in the knowledge that God knows us and loves us whether we know it or not.  God's love is amazing.

Yup, it builds confidence! Our history as Christians, our presence, the instructions, everything that is good, everything that is pure, everything that is noble...

...So you take the story of David and how God fulfilled his promise to him and the story of Ruth, how her life was turned around or the story of Mary Magdalene or the faith of the Centurion. - and you can look up to the same constellations they were under and know there is no reason to harbor fear - it will be sheer confidence in the Mighty hand of God and his immutable will. What more do you need? What more can you ask for?

When you have this look around you will see people searching for it. You don't even have to look far, they are right there - just give, of what you've learnt teach, of what you know, share.

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