Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What Does Christmas Mean To You?

I was staring at the skies today and I could argue that I saw a unicorn, I wondered if another person would have agreed with me though. I

t would have been interesting to hear all the things you think the cloud formed. It is one of the times I am reminded just how much life is about perspective.

Talking about perspectives, what does this time of the year mean to you. Does it mean partying and spending all the money you have been saving up since January? Is it your time to reach out to family and friends and tell them just how special they are? Or do you think it is like any other day and you can’t wrap your head around the excitement associated with the period?

We celebrate God’s love for us every day but it is around this time that we are reminded of the extent of His love and just how deep the love He has for us is. It signifies the restoration of hope and above all it is the reminder of an unquantifiable love for a people undeserving.

I drove around with a friend last night and the beauty of all the Christmas decors on the streets and in individual houses was breathtaking. I could feel something different in the air. The holidays is here again and with it comes different feelings.Christmas might be the best time to eat all the things we have been wishing for or take those long breaks from work to be with those we love but there are still many things that can be done to make this time special. While it is nice to do all of these things, it is equally beautiful to keep the world warm by reaching out of our closed circles and blessing someone(s) with our gifts which doesn’t necessarily have to be tangible.

Say hello to that stranger on the road, be the hope someone has been waiting for. Light up the world with your love, make donations to that NGO. Give a gift of your time. Remember Christmas is about Jesus and in all you do ask yourself what Jesus would do?

Happy Holidays.

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