Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Miracle We Live

A lady posted on Facebook thanking God for seeing her through miscarriages and still births. I was taken aback by the unflinching faith I could sense between the lines she shared seeing as she is still expecting. Her gratitude to God was really inspiring and in that moment, It felt like I was back in time with the Psalmist and my own ungratefulness stared me in the face.

See, life’s blessings are in the little things. I hear people talk about experiencing and expecting miracles in the guise of surviving a hurricane or securing a well paying job with little or no qualification; and even when one is in the congregation of God’s people, one would probably not get a loud applause for thanking God for the SIMPLE gift of the ability to get out of bed every day.

We have conditioned our minds to the fact that miracles have to be about surviving a cancer or living to tell the tales of a huge war. Miracles need not be dramatic, we live a miracle every day.

The pour of sunshine through one’s blinds in the mornings that gently nudges one out to start a new day is miracle. The steady downpour of rain to water our seeds and keep us from hunger that is always so beautiful and humbling. Stepping out every day and taking steps that could very well be one’s last but assured in the promise of long life and guidance. I can’t say enough of God’s mercy and faithfulness.

Life’s greatest gifts are intangible and we live through them every day. My daughter is staring at my face now and I can feel my eyes welling up with tears. My heart is filled with gratitude and I wonder how I got so familiar with this miracle I live everyday that I forget to be thankful. I know we all say prayers where we thank God absentmindedly for the things he has done but I would love to challenge us to do it differently. Give a thoughtful thanks to the Lord.

Take a long look at the sun and the light it radiates all around you, think about the serenity the night brings and bless God for the balance.
We all may have different lives but God’s blessings and mercies to all of us is unfailing. Miracles are never small, be it a new born, surviving a heart attack or a beautiful weather.

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  1. Well said. We live miracles everyday but we either forget, or we downplay it so much we never give thanks for it.


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