Thursday, December 19, 2013

Valuable Woman! Yes You!!! Know Your Worth!

“It is hard being a woman”….How many times have you uttered that statement? I know I can’t count the number of times I’ve said it myself. I have been exasperated so many times, I have fallen prey to temptation and many times I have considered throwing all my self-respect out of the window, all for the sake of getting a few moments of joy and satisfaction from the things that many others seemed to enjoy. I said to people that tried to caution me, “Don’t blame me; it’s the world we live in”.

Dear woman, no one doubts that being you is difficult. If it was easy then you wouldn’t be so special. It is time for you to see yourself the way God intended when he created you. When God created the world, he spoke words… “Let there be light”, “Let there be space between the waters to separate the waters of the heavens from those of the earth…” (Genesis 1:1- 24). Then God said “let us make man in our image” and he molded man from the dust of the earth….

Then some things happened after God made man…He gave man a job, asked him to name all the creatures in the Garden of Eden and well, God must have observed how lonely man was, because he said “I’ll make him a helper that is just right for him”. But that’s not the special part. When God made man, He molded him from the dust of the earth. When He made us women, He took it a step further; he performed a surgery- put Adam to sleep and removed one of his ribs. Have you ever asked yourself why God didn’t just mold us from the earth like He did man? Well, I have. and I have come to the conclusion that it’s because we are the peak of creation, the best of God’s works. The problem is we seem to have forgotten who we are.

Being an astute observer, I have come to the conclusion that as the days go by, we are losing sight of what we are worth. They say “everyone has a price”. I believe a man must have come up with that statement because these days, we women put ourselves up for sale. Before we wrinkle our noses and say “only prostitutes by the roadside do that”, think about the many ways in which you have sold your self-respect, your dignity and your God-given identity just so you can enjoy certain pleasures or look better to certain people.

Dear woman, you should know your worth! Being a woman is like a job! A job to protect yourself, a job to love yourself, a job to make yourself better at every opportunity you get! These days, I see young women jumping from one relationship to the next, enduring physical, emotional and mental abuse and going along with it simply because they are trying to save face with the society. Know your worth dear woman! Remember you were created from the rib of a man, not from the dust of the earth. God thought you worthy of a surgery! You are not created to be trampled on or spat on. You are created to be powerful and strong.

Right from the beginning, the devil knew if he could conquer woman, he could conquer the world. Why? Why did Satan choose to attack Eve with his lies? It is not because Eve was weaker than Adam! No! It’s because he knew she was God’s most precious creation! How else could he get to God? How else could he make God disappointed and unhappy? Consider yourself as a parent who has just been informed that your most precious baby was caught doing drugs during break time at school. How would you feel? Satan knew there was something so precious in woman that he figured the best way to get God to remove woman and man from the Garden of Eden was by causing his most precious creation to fall. Thank God for Jesus, we are not a fallen generation anymore but a forgiven generation. Why then do we still act like we are on the ground?
I see many of us women allowing disrespect into our relationships. Some of us even accept cheating as a norm! When God made man, he didn’t create Adam, Eve, Jennifer and Sonia! He made one man and one woman, full stop! We need to realize that no man is doing us a favour by being with us. We are gifts to men, that’s why the bible says “he who finds a wife finds a good thing” (Proverbs 18:22) not “He who finds a wife does her a huge favour”. These days on twitter, I see men making jokes about women being single till they are 40 simply because they won’t accept a man with all his misdemeanors- abuse in all its forms, disrespect and ultimately the breaking of his woman’s spirit. Don’t blame them for thinking that way. We have given them the liberty for such thoughts with the ways we constantly place ourselves beneath man’s feet, forgetting we were created from his side- to support and to console when the need arises.

It is time to know your worth and knowing your worth starts from loving yourself- Love who you are! If you are not happy with your body, head to the gym. Being obese is not attractive, nor is anorexia. Be happy being by yourself every now and again. Spend some time with yourself once in a while. Enjoy the little pleasures life has to offer. Take every opportunity you get to be a better person and use it to the maximum, go on trips with friends, fall in love with a man that truly deserves you, live to the fullest. The only person you have to prove something to is our father in Heaven.

I am not saying you should become defiant and self-sufficient; by all means, if you are a wife, be the best wife! If you are a mother, be the most amazing mother. If you are single, enjoy your ‘single-hood’, there will be times in marriage when you will miss it but in the midst of all these, don’t let the wiles of the devil and his worldly agents cause you to lose sight of who you are. At your work-place, in your relationships, in your family and every other area of your life, you need to stand tall and believe in yourself. God didn’t create you to be weak and timid. He created you to be strong and beautiful. You are worth more than a million Picassos and a hundred thousand Davincis. You are a woman- fearfully and wonderfully made!


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