Saturday, April 23, 2016

Are You Always With the Wrong Guy?
It's a dilemma many women face especially when they realize it too late. Many times relationships start off great. The first date, the first kiss, and everything else can be so magical. If he's super charming, he can be really difficult to ignore. Many women often find themselves swept off their feet in whirlwind romances that die out quicker than the harmattan wind dries clothes. And they start to wonder where things went wrong. Some women drive themselves crazy trying to figure out why they always seem to end up with the worst of the pack. There might be a simple reason for that.

More often than not, when a woman meets a guy she likes, she daydreams about him, hopes he asks her out on a date, and often decides she will agree to a serious relationship with him. Now there is nothing wrong with this if you've spent some time getting to know him. Unfortunately most of the time, such a decision is made when very little is known about the guy in question. Perhaps you've only chatted for a couple of hours. Maybe you flirted with each other by the pay till at the grocery store... And already you are playing happy families in your head... You might just be setting yourself up for failure.

The mistake most women make is that they make decisions to date a guy before they get to know the real him. Such a decision made so quickly after meeting a person is often based on superficial factors which include how the conversation flowed at the first meeting,the way he made them feel at the first date, etc. You cannot base your decision to be in a proper relationship with a person on such factors because those factors change. A man might be his best on a first date, but that does not mean he is always his best. A man might charm the socks off you in the first conversation but that does not mean he is interested in a serious relationship with you. He might even be interested and ask you to go exclusive in a very short space  of time but that does not mean he is the one. For all you know, he could be abusive, disrespectful, and have total disregard for your feelings.

Take your time to know the man that's causing butterflies to flutter in your tummy. Butterflies in the tummy don't always mean attraction. Sometimes they are nature's way of telling us danger is near and we need to step back from the situation. Stop basing your decision on the first impression. Base it on the second, third, fourth, maybe even the umpteenth impression he makes. Save yourself the heartache and take your time. A patient and steady heart always makes the right decision. XOXO


  1. Hnmmmmm...Learning cos am tired of failed relationships

  2. Hnmmmmm...Learning cos am tired of failed relationships


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