Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Long Distance Relationships: Do They Really Work?

I have heard many long distance relationship testimonies, and I have also heard many heartbreaking stories about long distance. Even I have a few of my own to share, but that's for another post, another day.

Back in the day, long distance was cute. People who went into it seemed to be encouraged and most of them ended up with a real depiction of 'happily ever after'. These days, the thought of a long distance relationship is enough to initiate a panic attack in almost anyone. People even stare at you like you are being absolutely ludicrous when you tell them you are planning to go into a long distance relationship. 

The big question everyone asks is "do long distance relationships still work?"

That of course should not be the question; the question you should be asking is if you and your partner can handle it. The decision to go into a long distance relationship should not be dependent solely on emotions, or butterflies in the tummy because those will wear off at some point. The biggest factor to consider is the maturity of you and your partner, and the mutual willingness to commit to the long-distance process.

Long distance relationships can work if both parties are fully committed. Long distance relationships can work if both parties are mature. If only one party is mature, forget it, that person will be frustrated. If only one party is committed, never mind, it just won't work out. Long distance relationships require a whole new level of cooperation.

Long distance relationships require trust too. There is no point going into it if you'll always be wondering about your partner and what he or she may or may not be doing with whoever. If you have trust issues, don't bother with it.

The most important thing you should know before you consider going into a long distance relationship is an understanding of your needs in a relationship, your desire and your personality. I know myself; long distance relationships fade into simple friendships for me because I need to see who I am with, and spend quality time together. I know myself so most times, I don't bother. The few times I tried, it didn't end well, so really, I know there is no point. Know yourself; know what you can and cannot take. Don't step into it, and then begin to regret it. Don't step into it, and then try to shy away from the required commitment, maturity and trust.

Long distance relationships do work... for people who know from the start that they are committed to making it work. XOXO

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