Monday, April 25, 2016

The 'Come to My House' Dating Craze: What does it take to woo a lady?
If you get exasperated everytime a guy you have just met says "when are you coming to my house?" as the invitation to a first date, then this post is for you. If you are a man who has adopted this line as a date invitation, then this post is definitely for you.  

I am beyond exasperated about this new dating craze where a guy meets me and his suggestion for a first date is that I visit him. Erm... why would I want to visit you as a first date? Do you live at a cafe? the cinemas? A fine-dining restaurant? Disneyland? Paris?  Is there a rational explanation for this new dating wave? Why are men failing to 'properly date' women? Is this a result of laziness or due to a general wave of nonchalance when it comes to wooing ladies?

First things first, "come to my house"is not an appropriate first date invitation. It is not an appropriate line to woo a lady. What happened to getting drinks or dinner?  What happened to going to catch a movie? What happened to a proper date planned to win the lady's attention and create the right platform to exchange information about one another? 

Of course there are many dating ills that have resulted in this new trend. Many women go on dates with the ultimate motive of sucking the guy dry. Women these days go on dates with their 'battalion'of friends with the sole aim of spending as much as they can on food they don't even want to eat. So it is understandable that men are trying to avoid embarrassment and are cooking up this new wave to save themselves. Women are not the only culprits; many men go on dates with the sole intention to score, hence the first date in many cases has a dog-eat-dog format where the guy tries to score, and the woman tries to eat as much as possible. What a shame. 

But then again, a gentleman should be able to discern the kind of lady he is trying to woo.  If you are after a proper lady, then you should aim to impress with the first date. Plan a memorable affair with the right ambiance, and have your etiquette at its best, and show up properly dressed. Make it romantic. Pick her up for the date. Yes, she has her own car, but it is just etiquette to pick her up. If you are into getting flowers, get her a bouquet for your first date. If you'll rather do chocolates or wine, go for it. Create a memorable impression to endear her to you rather than trying to bamboozle your way into her life. 

It is difficult to win a proper lady over by inviting her to your house for a first date. If she does agree to your invitation, she might be leaning towards putting you in the friend-zone. Don't wait for her to take the initiative for the first date. Don't expect her to invite you out while all you offer is "come to my house"or the more annoying version "when am I visiting you so you can cook for me?" Who came up with these things really?

We need help!

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