Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What Does it Take to Date a Co-worker?


Have you ever considered dating a co-worker? Or are you considering doing it but not really sure if you should defecate where you work? Well, this post is for you!

Dating a coworker can be more hectic than many people imagine at first. How do you play romantic politics and work politics without burning each other? How do you stay dedicated to your work while your partner is just a few feet away without appearing emotionally detached? How do you relate with other coworkers in ways that will not piss off your spouse? 

What does it really take to date a co-worker? Here are some tips that may help. 

#1 Know yourself: While some people are able to be lovey-dovey all day long, some people just want to get their work done during the day, and meet with their partner later on to check in and exchange details about the day. If you are the latter person, frequent messages from your partner who is also a co-worker during the day, asking how your day is going might irritate you. Seeing your partner every other hour on the corridor might also just get to you, so first things first, be sure about wanting to see your partner every hour or half hour while at work, and going to spend the rest of the day with him or her afterwards. 

#2 Make Your Stance clear: Are you the type who wants to keep your relationship private, or you wouldn't mind if all the drama and dynamics of your relationship become the topic for discussion during smoke breaks, lunch hour, or inter-toilet stall discussions? Make your stance clear with your partner from the start. If you don't want your relationship to be discussed by your coworkers, then neither of you should be asking for advice from your other co-workers. Do you want PDA? Or would you rather have a relationship where you relate with one another like co-workers at work, and partners outside the work place? Define that too. 

#3 Check your insecurities: The workplace can be the source of jealousy when your partner has to watch you flirt with another co-worker to get a purchase order pushed up, or when your partner sucks up to the opposite sex boss to clinch a promotion. You might want to hold out on explosive jealous tantrums else your relationship is heading down the drain before it starts. 

#4 Expect no favours: Yes, your partner being in a higher position at the workplace than you are might give you some perks, but do not expect them to be frequent. Sometimes, things just won't go your way. You shouldn't throw a tantrum because you expect your partner to wing things in your favour. Don't expect to get by with not pulling your weight at the workplace either. That might be your quickest way out of the door. 

Dating a coworker can be great if it is what you want, and if you can define the necessary boundaries and stick to them. Good luck with defecating at the workplace. Hehe! XOXO

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