Thursday, November 22, 2012

Daddy Of Many Nations - Mentoring

As a young boy, Star Daily's teacher routinely called on him to stand and read a passage in front of the class. Unfortunately he was a very poor reader. The more he tried the harder he failed since he was self concious and shy. One day, he was finding it difficult reading in front of the class and suddenly everyone erupted in laughter. Even his sister buried her head in laughter and ebarassment. He turned to solace from the teacher but saw her hiding her face in laughter. He exploded in anger, threw the book against the wall, screaming as he left, " One day you will fear me, you will hate me, but this will be the last time you laugh at me". He went on to become a notorious killer, and hardened armed robber. 

Perhaps if he had been encouraged the evil he perpetuated would have been averted. So many criminals would not have been criminals today if they had remained in school. Sometimes parents can't afford to keep their children in school and its sad when you a child with so much potential turns to a life of drugs and crime to escape the realities of poverty and low self esteem. Every armed robber is or was somebody's son, so is every conman (yahoo-boy).

An engineer once noticed the secondary school pupils in his church were not doing well in chemistry and physics. He set up a lesson in his house for selected days of the week to go through the rudiments of those subjects and they all went on to pass their exams that year.

Some of us can afford to place our children in very good schools but many can't. A massive challenge is that of reaching to people outside our comfort zone or social strata. But if we truly wish to serve and please God that is exactly what we must do. In the process we are sowing seeds for our children and generations to come. When you encourage the youth you save their future and sow peace for the next generation. Nobody wrote an application to come into this world so if you are from a privileged background its not a ticket to turn a blind eye because when the rain falls, it falls on the house of the rich and poor also. It is more noble to love the man next to you than love mankind in general.

Ijeoma Olujekun

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