Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Daddy is Mummy's husband and God's Servant

In class, one day, my nephew was asked what he would like to be when he grows up. "I want to be a resident!" On further enquiry, the teacher discovered Tito's dad always identified himself as a "resident" to the security men at the estate gate. 

Like so many boys, he wanted to be just like his dad when he grows up. This demonstrates the enormity of the influence a father has in the formation of who his son becomes. The mandate is on the father to discipline the children also. A son should learn first hand how to treat women from his father. Fathers should make it a habit to relax with their sons (taking him out to see movies, football matches or just conversing with him while he washes the car on a Saturday morning). Putting themselves at their sons level so they can relate better, creating an environment for trust to abound. Unfortunately, many Daddies today spend little or no time with their children . They give themselves wholly to their careers and leave the rearing of the children to their mothers. Some Daddies justify this by saying they are providing materially for the wife and family. But a lot of times, they are primarily in pursuit of their own glory and wealth... thereby further feeding their ego. 

However, The Lord's blessing rests on a home where God is feared and worshipped. In the family the closest covenant relationship is that of the wife and husband. Ephesians 5 says the husband is called to love the wife like Christ loves the church. God has given him authority to lead but all his exercise of authority will mean nothing if it is not exercised in love..The love a husband has for his wife is in turn, showered on the children and this is emulated from generation to generation. The head of the home must first be a servant of God. As a servant of God he must be a prime example of godliness and righteousness who the wife and children can look up to. As a Christian he must diligently search out the scriptures to learn God's principles for the Christian home. As the head of the home he must lay down a standard and the law of God for all that transpires in the home. Like a high priest he should learn how to bring his family before the throne of Grace with courage to receive mercy in times of need, sickness, sin and even death as depicted in Hebrews 4. Above all we need to realise he cannot do this by himself but must depend on the Grace of God and the Holy Spirit. 

I am Ijeoma Olujekun, I'm a child of God, a wife and a mother. I come from a really big familly and that has given me the opportunity to observe the diversity and adversity of several relationships . After I actively surrendered to The Lord, the word of God taught me so much and I'm still learning. The articles I write give me a chance to share some of those things with you. Together, let us learn how to build and maintain dynamic covenant relationships


  1. In response to Daddy is mummy's Husband and God's servant I wonder how we can be that kind of father who plays with the kids etc when a lot of our fathers only disciplined us while growng up. That is the same with so many African males so who is the role model for us?

    1. That is why today's fathers have to spend time studying Gods word, that way the scriptures will tell you what God expects in your home.

  2. Many men don't know this.


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