Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mummy of Many Nations

After I gave birth to my daughter, I began to feel very maternal, like everyone was my child. I started to see the child in us all.

What goes through when you see a pregnant teenager? I'm sure a lot of you will say "God forbid! Never my child!" But when the rain falls, it falls on the house of the rich and the poor.

In your church you see a pretty young lady, with the longest Brazilian hair, french tips, false eyelashes with her bra-strap adjusted so tight her boobs are about to hit her chin. With her Micheal Korrs bag, she has even out-dressed you! All the brothers are stealing glances. My dear God-fearing, devoted, church-going wife, what goes through your mind? I'm sure you give your husband a look that says "if you look at her...Hnn!" Then you shake your head as a lamb blameless before the Lord?

What about that young girl down the road? You watched her go through puberty, now all her curves are in the the right places she wears all the trends fresh off MTV. But she walks around aimlessly in her mini skirt, innocently in search of precious souls to destroy while she lives far beyond her means. What goes through your mind sisters?

You call yourself the salt of the earth? But you hide yourself from your own flesh.

As true Christians, we shouldn't turn away when we see our sisters and daughters falling into a pit. We teach our kids the story of the Good Samaritan, but who are we? The Priest the Levite or the Samaritan. Must I remind you that faith without works is dead? If we acquire all the world has to offer and have not charity...

I'm calling out to all the married women whose husbands removed them from the long list of single and searching. Become the message and not just the messenger!
  • Invite that young single mum over for lunch, chat with her, make her your friend. Share ideas on how she can empower herself, suggest a good daycare for her child, offer to babysit. 
  • Befriend that sister in church, treat her like your sister. Give her an inspirational book you are reading or have read that will offer her a paradigm shift. Invite her to a conference and don't forget to ask her where she get those lovely heels. Open your home to her, she cannot steal your husband!!! 
  • That Channel O girl needs a positive mentor, someone she can confide in. Invite her to go to the market with you, share the word and your wisdom with her. This is service to God! 

As we open our hearts to our fellow females we are sowing a seed for the next generation. Rah-ab was a prostitute but she opened her home to the spies and it was accorded unto her as righteousness and she saved her family. We are not called to judge but to LOVE.

Ijeoma Olujekun


  1. This is touching, tears came to my eyes as I read this, its the harsh truth! But the fears we have are real, these girls may seduce our husbands or try to steal them. Also, I'm Muslim and excercise religious tolerance but I notice you quote a lot of scriptures I know this is a Christian blog but its like your preaching and what your saying cuts accross, it affects us all and applies to us no matter the religion!

    1. We have to stop allowing fear stop us from doing what is right, Rosa Parks stood up for her rights and risked her life so that Americans today could be treated equally. Today America has BLACK president doing a second term in the WHITE house! About the Bible references, they give what I'm saying credibility, readers can go and check the bible to be sure its not just my opinion.

  2. This is fantastic, it will really make a difference.

  3. I support this call of humanitarian duty, we should try and help that sister as much as we can without fears and without allowing it to interfere with our marriage by having in mind that some boundaries should never be crossed.


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