Monday, November 12, 2012

Does Fear Find Me Attractive?

"One day a brave woman refused to give her seat up to a white man. Rosa was arrested and fined for violating a city ordinance. But her act of defiance to such a horrible law began a movement that ended up putting an end to legal segregation in America. She became an admired inspiration to freedom loving people everywhere. Upon her death in 2005, she was the first woman and second non-U.S. government official to lie in honor at the Capitol Rotunda."

When I wrote "Mummy of many nations," someone mentioned that the fears women had were real. It caused me to reflect and dwell a little on the connections, if any, between belief and reality.

Raising a family is one of the most challenging things a person can do. It's so scary, If I have a job today who says I won't be sacked tomorrow? How will I provide for my family? If you and I have children, who says they will grow to make us proud parents? If I marry, who says it won't end in divorce or unhappiness...

I could keep asking these questions, these probabilities go on and on, we could plot a graph and record statistics but none of that would give us perfect certainty that we would succeed in the roles we have committed our efforts to. However there is one thing that is constant. Jesus himself famously taught that if men would have sufficient faith, they could walk on water or lift mountains into the sea. Whichever way you read these statements, either literally or symbolically - the connotation is clear: that by faith all things may be accomplished. Indeed in terms of walking on water this was actually literal as the scripture records that Jesus walked on water and urged Peter to do the same (and he actually did), but faltered, lacking sure conviction.

Much has been said and written over the centuries concerning the power of faith. By “faith”, I must state at the outset that I mean this in both the holistic sense and the specific sense in terms of the religious and spiritual application of the word "faith" Is there a level of faith – an absolute conviction – which when held – transposes directly into reality? I suspect that there is. Why are some people able to bend metal spoons by staring intently at them? Certainly there are many charlatans about: but the powers of some psychics are simply undeniable.

Now it seems to me that thoughts carry certain powers. The more intense a thought, the greater its magnetic strength and the more compelling its powers. I feel that in this way, a thought which is held in absolute and utter unwavering conviction, will transpose into reality. It seems clear to me that the strength or intensity of a thought may be related to its possible manifestation as reality

It follows that humans would have a very limited capacity to transpose their thoughts and beliefs directly into reality merely by thinking or believing. Nevertheless there is reason to believe that with deep conviction a human being may create realities out of his thoughts.

Something may therefore be said for the value of faith – even in a religious or spiritual context. A sound and firm degree of faith would doubtless naturally attract that which it seeks to itself. Job feared that his children might have sinned therefore he made sacrifices each day to intercede for their souls but all his fears and even more came upon him...he walked in fear and trusted in works (sacrifices) not unwavering faith in the Creator.

I mentioned earlier that perfect certainty is probably impossible to humans. This would only be possible to a being that is an absolute: such as God. In this, it immediately becomes clear that there is a “mental” relationship between the absoluteness of God and God’s creation.

For the simple fact that God is an absolute being, all that God thinks will irrevocably become reality (...thoughts of peace, and not of evil. Jeremiah 29:11). This defines the nature of creation– where the creator brings things into existence: because whatever the creator has a thought of, IS.This is a process that we can replicate also. Who better to commit our children, our marriages, our careers to than the Creator? Anxiety about who will seduce our husbands, or corrupt our children will attract these occurrences and prevent us from doing God's work. If we take care of God's things, He will take care of ours.

Ijeoma Olujekun


  1. This is a beautiful piece.very inspiring.i v got loads of tots going thru my head.kip it up IJ.

  2. Very well written piece.

    To further your thoughts on a mental relationship, I believe that if it is possible for a non-absolute human to receive a thought from the absolute God, this thought when communicated to the rest of God's creation has the greatest potential to become reality.

    As I once read in a old Jewish folklore - At the point of creation God determined the laws that governed the earth however as He did so He included a clause in His agreement with each being... "You are free to follow every law I have placed upon the earth without change until you receive a direct instruction (a spoken thought) from my children in which case you will suspend every natural law to fulfill that instruction or I will obliterate not just your presence from the earth but the very memory of your existence".

    This, the folklore stated, was the law manifested when the red sea parted before Moses.

    1. Thanks for that contribution Adeyemi, very deep.


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