Friday, December 28, 2012

Are You Unplugged? Stay connected.

As you advance in your life, it is important to adopt more conscious ways to stay connected to God.

It's like an electric iron; no matter how many clothes you iron with it, it will remain hot. However if someone unplugs it from the power source while you are ironing, you will continue ironing until you notice the ironing isn't straightening out the clothes. By the time this happens, the iron is already cold.

Christian homes are the same; you see Christians who start off well, in a place of hunger for God, love and understanding in their marriage and if the couple did marital counselling then those words are still fresh in their minds. But over the course of time you observe they no longer have that fire in them, their spiritual lives are ineffective or they are oblivious of their spiritual assignments. Going to church is seen as just another weekly ritual. They basically just exist, until something happens which is usually something bad which wakes them from their slumber, like Samson who slept until Delilah woke him saying "Samson, the Philistines are upon you"

This is a major issue in many Christian homes. What happens to that fire? The cares of this world smother them. For some, it could be their accomplishments. They feel they have arrived so their focus shifts to their new social class and more upward class mobility and away from God's purpose. For some, it could be under achievement and bills and thoughts that their prayers are just bouncing off the ceiling, so they should spend more time facing their work in order to get results. For others, It might be pride or malice or immorality. If you just indulged in pornography, it's going to be difficult not to feel guilt in God's presence and that only gets worse as the days go by.

You're unplugged.

In Joshua 7:1-9, the children of Isreal suffered a disgraceful defeat from Ai. Their leader did not just ignore it but sought God's face concerning it. God told him He had withdrawn his support because of the sins of some of them.

If you are no longer feeling God's presence in your home; check your life, check your focus. If you are feeling powerless in the face of a wild teenager or crippled finances or a marriage that is hanging by a single thread, check yourself. It is entirely possible God is the one you you are now contending with as a result of sin. Retrace your footsteps to the point you got unplugged and repent with all sincerity and reconnect. You cannot experience the bliss of Eden without God's backing. Hold your spouse, talk it through, there is no shame, then humbly approach the Throne of grace. "The bible says that one can chase a thousand and two can put ten thousand to flight" (Deuteronomy 32:30).

Ijeoma Olujekun

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