Thursday, December 20, 2012

Brothers, Speak Life into Your Marriage - Anthony Jerrod

Communication is often the underlying reason why many marriages disintegrate. Couples argue and verbally fight and say some of the most emotionally damaging and hurtful words to each other. Instead of engaging in such negative interchange, it would prove far better for those individuals in a one-flesh union to continually speak encouraging and empowering words of life to build each other up. For certain men, this is definitely a challenge and a new territory of conversation. From a biblical perspective, positive exhortation should start with the husband and is not only essential for a healthy marriage but also establishes a great example for children and those individuals in your surroundings. 

In addition to the genuinely-spoken statement, “I Love You,” the following ten statements are not all-inclusive but do represent some of the best that husbands can tell their wives:

1. You are my treasure and I thank God for you. As the Word of God denotes, “A man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the Lord.” It is essential to express how much you cherish and honor your wife and to constantly remind her that she is virtuous and more precious than rubies.

2. I appreciate all of the things that you have done and are doing for me. The humble articulation of appreciation to one’s spouse is essential to sustaining one’s marriage. Oftentimes, historical and present tasks that are relatively commonplace are taken for granted. To be sure, every act of love should not require the proverbial “pat on the back.” But, continual gratitude helps to establish an atmosphere of love and thanksgiving.

3. I am glad that I married you. Marriage is an evergreen process that requires persistent attention and care. After a certain amount of years, some marriages become stagnant and devoid of intimacy. To help keep the fire within your marriage, it is recommended that you express how glad you are to still be married to your spouse and how you look forward to the future.

4. You look great today. It is absolutely wonderful when spouses commend each other on how wonderful they look. What a positive and motivational way to help your spouse start the day. Uttering this statement on a regular basis is great for perpetual romance and passion.

5. I will always love you. A foundational profession that married couples should frequently express; however, in many cases, they do not. It is essential to let your spouse know that you will honor your vows and love them whether they are high on the mountaintop and low in the valleys. That’s the type of love that’s need for the nourishment of a healthy marriage.

6. I trust you. It is important to routinely declare your trust for your spouse. There are a plethora of spouses who feel insecure relative to their marriage. In most cases, this insecurity is unsubstantiated and can prevent continual improvement of the marriage. It is valuable to preserve the basic principle of trust, both in deed and word.

7. Pray for us. How beautiful is the notion when spouses pray for each other and for the continual improvement of their marriage. Married individuals around the world can certainly attest to the statement that “couples that pray together, stay together.”

8. I could not get your off of mind today. Proclamations such as this should not be used only when one of the spouses want to engage in sexual intercourse. It is a positive statement that bespeaks of one’s fondness and love for their spouse.

9. You make each day brighter. Your spouse should make each day brighter for you- whether it’s a great day or a day filled with trials and troubles. When married couples vocalize this declaration and implement thereof, they will become stronger and filled with power and love.

10. I treasure every moment we spend together. Oftentimes, married couples only celebrate the big events (i.e., anniversary, birthdays, etc.) and forget about the little things they do together. Taking a walk in the park, watching a romantic comedy or spending a few minutes just holding each other are moments to be treasured.

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