Saturday, December 1, 2012

How do we Honour our Parents?

It's the 1st day of December, Christmas is just around the corner. A lot of us will be travelling to be with our parents. I remember seeing a Mercedes jeep one Christmas with the registration plate "MUMMY#1". You can just imagine how the buyer must have told himself that if I make it, I will do such and such for my mother. Then there is the flip side when an individual feels their parents were not there for them like a parent should have been and therefore they feel they don't owe such a parent anything. In our culture we have this concept of honouring meaning taking care of.

We should take care of our parents but i believe taking care of is not only in the material sense and it saddens me when I see people act as if unless they are buying a car or building a house for their parents then they're not doing anything. Of course some parents make very unreasonable demands on their kids even those who are raising families.

I have seen fathers say buy me this car or build me this house, I trained you to be who you are. By all means buy your father a car, no big deal BUT I think the issue I have is when people measure taking care of your parents in monetary terms only.

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I think as an adult you come to realise that they are a priceless possession but growing up as a kid they can be ... I can remember when my mum or dad would tell me I couldn't do this or I couldn't go there. I would be so upset because going out with my friends and wearing what they were wearing was a do or die affair to me at the time. Looking back now I and being a parent to my daughter I hope I won't be even stricter than they were.

  • Call them often, not just on birthdays or festive seasons. 
  • Share the gospel with them. 
  • Appreciate the good things they have done, raising a child is not easy. 
  • Teach your children to honour and extend mercy to their grandparents. 
  • Pray for the parent(s) who mistreated you. 
  • Keep your parents connected with your family. 
  • Respect their opinion but not necessarily agree. 

The commandment to honour and love our elders never expires and it is not limited to only giving material gifts.

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