Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Bible kind of Love!

The secret to loving is giving. God is a giver. He never takes.

It is impossible to discuss love in one little article. Volumes of books have been written about love, and I only want to add a few thoughts in relationship with love in the family situation. Turn and read the great love chapter of the Bible I Corinthians 13. Remember, as you read-that Paul does not tell what love is, but rather what love does. Read 1 Corinthians 13: 1-13 One of the fundamental thoughts that we can derive from these series of verses is that when we love someone we are concerned about them and their welfare. What about love in the family between husband and wife, and parents and children? There is much difficulty today because we do not understand what love is. We usually have a very immature concept of love. Some believe that love is a mysterious something that takes hold of you just like taking the measles. Others say or feel that it may go just as quickly as it came.

But love is more than just a tingling sensation that runs up and down your spine. We have done grave injustice to the beauty of the idea of love by using it to mean any and everything. We have changed the spelling to "l-u-v" and even talk about the love bug, as though it were some kind of insect that bites us. Now, what is love, or better still what does love do or cause us to do.

When you love someone, you are concerned about them. Not just what they can do for you, but their feelings. You love them, you are concerned about their health, their future, their emotions, their feelings and their desires. Love then has many faces. Love means that you will constantly think about ways that you can help your mate, refresh them, and be kind with them. You will be concerned about not only what you say, but HOW you say things.

Love also means that you enjoy being with that person. It is hard to be genuinely concerned if you do not enjoy being with that particular person or you are constantly placing everything else before your physical association with them. Love means spending your time with this one you love.

Love means that you will want to be involved in common interests. Love means that you will not always want them to be involved in what YOU like, but you will be interested in doing things that they enjoy. Going together and being together in a pleasant mood is love. If you do not make a genuine effort to develop things in which both of you have interest and enjoyment, then as husband and wife you will soon become just "roommates".

Love means that you share common goals. Where are WE headed? Am I aware of my spouses desires? Is it just MY goal, or is it OUR goal? In this way you work together toward a mutually approved objective.

Love means that there is a physical attraction. There is to be enjoyment of each others bodies - fulfilling the physical needs with which we were created. Too often, this is the equating of love - the physical sex relationship. Touching, holding, caressing, and desiring to know the security of the fact that your spouse cares - is a means of loving and being loved. If the only time that we display any interest in our spouse is when we desire a sexual relationship, our mates soon get the idea that the only thing that you thing love is - is sex. We were created male and female, and the Lord said, "it is good", when this part of his creation was completed. This relationship is not THE most important part of marriage, but is is an integral part that must not be neglected or overlooked. We should concern ourselves with the satisfaction of our spouse.

Volumes have been written, millions of words have been spoken and hundreds of songs written about love. It seems to be one of the greatest motivating emotions known to man. What is love? We really do not know. We know what love does and does not do. However, when you love someone, you are genuinely concerned about them and their welfare. In this way you are sharing yourself with them.

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