Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Learning To Say “I Am Sorry”

There is no way a man and a woman will live together all their lives without a time of disagreement. It’s just human! In such circumstances, always remember the saying, we disagree to agree. Those who do not understand how marriage works will always think that time of quarrels with their husband is an opportunity to show everyone that they are street fighters, they want to show people they can fight.

If a woman must keep her marriage and scare away intruders, she must be eager to apologize to her husband whenever she does anything wrong. A woman must learn how to say ‘I am sorry’. Your ability to apologize is a proof of your maturity and intelligence. Real women are judged by these abilities.

However, there is a way one say sorry that can really annoy the other person. You can as well get your husband upset when you keep repeating what he dislikes, or by intentionally doing the wrong thing and expecting him to approve of it or overlook it. When you say sorry in such instances, you’re only infuriating your husband the more.

Do Not Provoke Your Husband

Do not show insensitivity to his feelings for any reason, as nobody really enjoys getting angry. Look, when conditions warrant people to get angry, it is the issue that got them angry that they were really angry about and not necessarily the person involved, except in rare cases though. But it can be very painful if someone that got one angry is still trying to insist on having it her own way.

In that way, the wife is only telling the husband that she knows better and does not give a damn whatever the husband thinks or feels. This attitude used to make men really mad.

A woman who knows how to argue can easily provoke her husband and expose her marriage to danger of collapse. Rather, a woman should be mindful, courteous and careful. She must show love to her husband, her children and her colleagues alike.

People who have studied human relations had the following as essential guide for smooth relationship:

The least important word - I

The one most important word – We

The two most important words – Thank you

The three most important words – I am sorry

The four most important words – What is your opinion?

If you can make the above a guide of your attitude with your husband, it will make things quite easy for you in relating with him and with people that are really special to you.

Hope you have learnt some useful nuggets to nurture and lubricate the wheels of your marriage?

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