Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Marriage Tips: Be Unpredictable! - Mike Woodard

Does boredom kill relationships? Yes. Routine is a great thing and brings stability to life. But routine can also be boring. So here are 4 things you could do to add a little creativity to your relationship.
  • Buy a small gift on “No Special Occasion” day. It’s not a birthday, anniversary or Valentine ’s Day gift. Surprise them and say, “I was thinking about your today and got you this…”
  • Write a note and leave it someplace where they will find it when you are not around. Say some of those things you should say more often… I love you, appreciate you…
  • Do something you never do… Cook a meal, clean the bathrooms, get tickets for something they will really like, have surprise date, give a massage.
  • Spice up Sex! Get some crazy underwear, go to bed naked, have sex on the living room floor, use body oil and do a massage, add some candles to the bedroom...use your imagination! 
Action: Pick one thing on this list, and do it this week. Remember to pick something that is “unpredictable.”

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