Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Do Something Wonderfully Illogical

“This doesn't make any sense!” Ring a bell? If you have been a human being (above the age of five) living on earth you would have said or thought this phrase AT LEAST ONCE every single day of your life. If you are a Christian you must have thought, if not outright said this, many many times as well.

It was one of those days where I was considering screaming and/or throwing something…anything at all….outside the window. I was so upset. I cannot for the life of me remember now what it was that had made me upset (such is the case with things that have no eternal significance). Akan and I must have been arguing about something or the other at the time. Let me backtrack a little here to give you some understanding. 

I grew up in a setting where concepts like “discussion” and “input” were FAR OUT. Whoever commanded the use of the CANE a.k.a ASAN was the ONLY person who spoke and whose opinion mattered - and I use the word “cane” here in the loosest of terms because my mother of blessed memory ( whom I absolutely adore ) didn't mind what she laid her hands on. As long as she could use it to set you straight, she would. A few of the “delicacies” we were introduced to over time included (but were not limited to) “omorogun”, iron rod, dirty slaps, a well-aimed knock at the epicentre of your head (made you wonder if they went to a particular school to train for it….such was the accuracy and timing of it) etc. Consequently I grew up not truly understanding what it meant to be in a relationship where more than ONE opinion was necessary.

 More importantly, my opinion was definitely the least desired in any setting. What that interpreted to was deep brooding silences or outbursts of anger when I felt threatened. Akan on the other hand somehow always believed things could be “talked” through. On this day we were arguing about something I think we must have argued about many times before and both my mouth and mind had gone numb from trying to get Akan to understand. All of a sudden he said to me wham smack in the middle of our argument “let’s speak in tongues for one minute”. I was sure he had lost it. Not for asking us to speak in tongues. No not that. But for asking us to do so AT THAT TIME! It boggled the mind. The VERY LAST person I wanted to hear a solution like that from was the VERY person I believed to be the instigator of the problem. It took ALL of the considerable grace of God I had at my disposal at that point. 

But somewhere in the foggy mists in my mind I recognised the voice of the LORD. This was Jesus Christ speaking. Not my husband. So I started mumbling in tongues. And then Akan said “you have to speak LOUDLY!” I turned a disbelieving look at him. Could it possibly be that he was also telling me yet another thing I was doing wrong?! For heaven’s sake! Would there be NO end? But I felt that prodding in my spirit to forget about how it sounded….how wonderfully illogical it seemed to me….and just DO it. So I did. I joined Akan in agreement and spoke in tongues LOUDLY. Would you believe it?......it worked. I mean this literally.

 IT WORKED. What seemed like a fight that threatened the very foundation of our marriage at the time became a no issue. So much so that try as I might as I write this, I CANNOT remember what it was we were arguing about. It was as if the proverbial scales fell from my eyes.

For as many as hear the voice of the LORD calling you to do something wonderfully illogical. Something that defies your previous experience, all your amassed knowledge of the way things should work, I pray for the Grace to leap out on thin air and trust God to catch you. And He will in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ amen. Happy leaping everyone!

Ps. Akan just told me that HE remembers what it was we were fighting about…..smile….but that is for another day!

By Ighiwiyisi Jacobs (contributor)

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