Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Spot The Jesus" Day 4. In your Overcoming

We like to identify God with a day that goes well, speaking of God's presence in terms of “blessings.” Sometimes we go so far as to equate God's presence with our success or happiness. There is some truth to this, but such perceptions of God greatly limits our capacity to recognize His presence every day. Yeah, we call ourselves overcomers but do we really ask ourselves what that means?

More often than not, God is in the actual overcoming, the action we take in order to navigate the difficulties we encounter in life. When we solve a problem, face the truth, wrestle with a decision, suffer through illness, watch and pray, learn to pray, lend a hand, stir our faith or admit our doubt—these are the situations in which The Almighty is powerfully at work in us. God's love is not static; it moves and acts within our real circumstances. Holy life is not some pretty scene to admire; God is in the doing, in the living, and the growing.

So, as you overcome today's challenges—in your workplace, in your relationships, and in those problematic regions of the heart—know that you can allow God's love to pulse through your struggle. Holy wisdom informs your soul as you meditate on scripture . And the grace of God walks right along with you, He holds your hand toward the change you need and the joy you desire.


Ijeoma Olujekun

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