Thursday, July 4, 2013

New Internet Enabled Pillow? Or Intimate Enabled Lifestyle?

I came across an article about this new internet enabled pillow for couples in long distance relationships which glows when one partner lays his/her head on it it and lights up the other persons pillow, it lets you hear each other's heartbeats by plugging in earphones and basically tries to simulate an intimate interaction between people that might be in totally different continents (I'm sure you get the picture).  

This got me thinking of how much we take our loved ones for granted. Hubby might just upset you and you give the silent treatment, wifey might get back from a long trip and you realise that is the first time you've hugged in ages, we might not remember to hold the hands of our old parents (if they are into that sort of thing) till they are laying in state or just sit and listen to their long stories of recollections of the 1960s.

These days we are blessed and cursed with the smartphones and social networks that we rarely slow down to gather how special the human touch really is. Well Congratulations!!! the developer of this pillow will be charging you for it! No amount of money can buy anyone another life. Therefore, life is a beautiful gift that we should cherish. don't let life harden you so much that you don't recognise what a blessing it is.

We get one life experience and only one shot at life. Whenever there is just one of something, the perceived value immediately sky rockets. Well, the value of life is priceless. If one person has vowed to have and to hold you, value that and get your  money's  life's worth (if you can).

I challenge you to listen to your hubby's heartbeat and listen to your wives long, drawn out detailed gists, admire every single wrinkle on grandmas face as she smiles and laughs at the funny things you tell her knowing that you are blessed to have each other, plus it's absolutely free! You can get the internet enabled pillow or develop an intimate enabled lifestyle?

“Time is a companion who reminds us to cherish every moment because it will never come again.”

Have an special day!

Ijeoma Olujekun

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