Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Husbands Who Won't Lead and Wives Who Won't Follow by James Walker (Review)

I first came across this book while I was with a woman I respect so much. I wrote about her in Delay does not mean denial  (by the way I think that is a MUST REad). I was impressed that a 59 year old woman was still studying how to improve on herself and her marriage.

This book teaches a whole lot. Helps husbands and wives understand their roles in marriage, the variation in their expectations, and what makes those expectations so different. That every family needs a leader. Consequently, wives may unavoidably take on responsibilities they'd rather not bear. The result? Resentment, and an emotional distancing that can sabotage an entire family system.

Understanding the God-given roles for husbands and wives is critical to having and maintaining a healthy marriage. James Walker masterfully presents God's blueprint in marriage, scrutinizes the intricacies of leadership and offers answers with hope. Every couple will find this book practical and educational for moving toward healthy leadership in marriage.-Focus on the family

All I can say is, find this book and add it to your library.

By Ijeoma Olujekun

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