Monday, July 8, 2013

Simon and the Unnamed Woman -Part 2


...The Pharisee could not believe what he was witnessing. How dare she? How dare He?! Did neither of them understand?? How could this woman come into his house? After he had done all the work and managed finally to get this Man away from the stifling crowds. After he had worked so hard at being just the right kind of person who could confidently and rightfully invite a person of Jesus’ standing into his home.

 Did this interloper really think he would let her get away with this nonsense? And what about this Guest of his? How could He allow her get within touching distance? Did He not know what kind of woman she was? Any true prophet worth his salt would know better. This was proof positive that this Jesus was in fact no prophet after all. Just as he probably was discreetly signaling one of his servants to remove the “embarrassment” from his home as speedily as possible, all the while making mental notes to fire whoever was in charge of ensuring that there were no undesirables at his gathering, Jesus turned and looked directly at him. It was as if time itself stood still. Jesus, for the first time in recorded scripture, addressed the Pharisee, not by title, but by name. “Simon,” He said, “I have something to say to you…” to which Simon responded “Master, say on.” Immediately apparent is the switch that had just occurred. In one move, Jesus had executed His masterstroke.

Gone was the righteous Pharisee, blinded by the massive log of self-righteousness and entitlement. Gone forever the one-man judge and jury, and in his place – a man. A man who had just witnessed a beautiful thing. God had called him by name and in that moment, stripped him bare, ridding him of the bonds that had held him captive for so long. Bonds he did not even realize existed until Light Himself walked into his home. This was a good day. And then Jesus turned His Light upon the Unnamed woman who still knelt at His feet. Head bowed low in shame and incalculable regret, unable to look directly into His Light. But Light would not allow darkness to prevail. He gave her the one thing that she could not leave that place without – her redemption. “Thy sins are forgiven…Go in peace.” Never. Never before had sweeter words been uttered. Never needier ears that heard it. Never a less deserving recipient. But therein is the beauty of Jesus. Defender of the defenseless. Hope of the hopeless. 

There is much to be learned from this account. Much to live by. We, the redeemed, have inherited an unsearchable legacy. The Legacy of Love so great, it would be impossible to uphold but for the assurance of the truth that the One Whose legacy we are sworn to preserve, lives within us and upholds His legacy through us. So remember, the next time you read this account and are tempted to judge either of its characters, whether the Pharisee or the sinner, know that they are symbols of different phases of our lives. So take a moment, instead, to find out where you are in your journey. Be encouraged and humbled by the assurance of Love unfathomable. Love incomparable. Impossible to describe or comprehend. He will never leave you and He will never condemn you.

By Igwiyisi Jacobs

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