Friday, February 14, 2014

February Fourteenth - Seyi Olanihun

I’m a romantic, not many people know this and most would be sceptical if they were told. This is not a hoax but yours truly sharing from the heart. I decided to come out on the most widely publicised day when romance should be the ultimate above all else. It’s not usually the case as the amount to be spent on the gift, outing and other logistics has taken romance out of the equation.

Chocolate, hearts, couples and the colour red have been splashed all over as symbols of the day. Flowers that form an intrinsic part of romance are not given so much in this part of the world, unless you find a woman that appreciates and accepts them. For some romance lingers in the air and these are those that put thought into it and end up with the actual experience and not the commercialised success that the fourteenth has become. On the other hand romance is far from others and all they seek is how to ‘score’ points in one form or the other.

Today has been ‘chosen’ as the day we (worldwide) display ‘love’ on a large scale. Cake, chocolates, wine, candlelit dinners and more are currently making the rounds and more going down tonight! For some the romance has completely gone out the window and for others it’s still there albeit in a miniscule manner. Gifts cost money we all know that and budgets, plans and other fine details go into having a good Valentine.

I think it completely ironic that the most important display of love has already been made and will never be topped and many actually overlook it. The love many seek is not humanly possible and the One that can help us show it is constantly derided and shot down at every opportunity. The Message bible says, ‘without love I’m bankrupt’ and a truer word has not been said, I find this extremely telling because love in all its facets is an essential we cannot do without. Love is what makes the difference in every single relationship be it filial, romantic, friendship etc., in various forms it bonds and continues to show us that people are important and that they matter.

Demonstrating love is good and letting those we love know they count is crucial. However, being consistent in our display counts and not limiting it to a single day would also go a long way. Our concept of love also needs a tune-up because some of the things that have been committed in the guise of ‘love’ are heinous. A loving lifestyle (daily love habits) far outweighs binges (Val’s day) that could soon and easily be forgotten.

February fourteenth has become the time when a public display on how to love is made all over the world. Crazy publicity stunts, public displays of affection, outrageous outlays of money and more are encouraged, so those that prefer the more quiet commemoration maybe labelled as not being involved. I know that everyone’s different and so they should all flow however it suits them. One night stands, casual sex, hangovers, regrets etc will also be part of the ‘celebrations’ and being a victim should not be an option for anyone that wants to ‘feel’ loved.

Love has character and characteristics (1Corinthians13:1-10) by which its known, witnesses of real love know when the counterfeit is on sale. Often times we short change ourselves when we choose to believe the hype of what ‘love’ really is especially when we know deep within that it’s not so. This Valentine’s set yourself free and decide to not only find this out but become a channel to others.

This post was submitted by Seyi Olanihun. She shares her thoughts regularly 

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