Friday, February 14, 2014

No Reset Button

We live in the PlayStation era where every video game seems so real, the only thing that keeps you from shaking hands with your video game character is your TV screen. I won't be surprised if one day, those characters step out of the TV to have a conversation with the game player.

As impressive as technology is these days, I daresay it has a negative impact on the way we think. With every video game, you can hit the reset or replay button when you lose the game or when you see your point slipping out of your grip. Unfortunately, many teenagers today are living like they are in a video game and can just hit 'RESET' after they realize they've made a faulty move. If only life worked that way.

We are living in an era where the playstation mentality rules and when the realization hits that some things just can't be changed, hypengyophobia (the fear of responsibility) sets in; that is why the world is filled with many 'baby-mamas' today because the fathers ran away out of fear. It is the reason there are so many road accidents due to excessive drinking because teenagers today consider themselves invincible-like voltron or solo- I don't know where they get that idea from but it has to stop. I daresay many adults are affected by this 'condition' too. 

Our playstation mentality is the same reason many relationships fail; I don't know if I should attribute it to a conscious effort not to mature or the fact that carelessness, being aloof and hurtful have become the new cool but I don't understand why people go into relationships with the mentality that they can hit the reset button at anytime, not considering the emotional effects on the other fellow.

It's time to realize there are some things in life that should and do not come with a reset button! Marriage shouldn't come with a reset button that gives you the liberty to be 'as you were'. Sex has no reset button either! Just like you can't 'unbake' a cake, you can't undo a wrong decision to have sex with someone who has no plans to stick around. You can't undo an accident after you run over people at an intersection because you are dead drunk beyond redemption.

We invented the reset button to suit our fast lives but really, it should be a button we avoid using as much as possible. This is life! It waits for no one, takes orders from no one and doesn't turn back time just so you can relive everything and do it right (that only happens in movies). Before you take any steps, before you make any decisions, be sure you are on the right track, otherwise, you may find yourself at a point of no return!


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