Saturday, February 8, 2014

What Would Jesus Do?

I believe the question "What would Jesus do?" was invented to make christians rethink their actions and decisions before they take and make them; however, I can't help but wonder if that question holds any weight in our hearts.

In our world today, religion is taking over christianity. You might raise your eyebrows and wonder what I mean; I am referring to the venomous attitude of  'christians', the intolerant behaviour we have towards those that are different, our unwillingness to help those in need, our haughtiness that makes us believe we are better than others and above all, our endless judging and criticising, not to constructively correct others but to spitefully tear them down.

If Jesus was walking amongst us today, what will he do? Will he raise his nose at the muslim brother that calls on God in a different language and manner? Will he refuse to help the prostitute in desperate need simply because he feels bad times have fallen on her due to the works of her hands? Will he judge and criticise everyone who is less than worthy to be in God's presence simply because they are unclean?

These days, I wonder why we have made christianity more of a religion than a way of life. For many of us, it's about keeping score with God. We sit in the room of good intentions and judge those that stand in the room of grace. Simply because we speak 'christianese', we are quick to point out those that are falling short of God's commandments. We have forgotten his greatest commandment of all- to love others!

Going to church doesn't make you a christian, anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car. Being a christian means being CHRIST-LIKE, hence the title of this post- What would Jesus do?

Have we been elected as judges by God? or have we been chosen as His children to spread light? I get especially uncomfortable when I see christians gathered together criticising other religions, in the name of strongly establishing our faith in Christ. When have you ever won anyone over by strongly criticising them? Imagine a boss that walks into the office and tells you what  a fool you are for not doing things his way and one that tells you he appreciates your efforts but there is a better way to do things. Which one is more likely to win you over?

God has not elected any of us to be his judges; we ourselves are impure and unworthy of His love but his grace helps us to keep receiving that love. Let's stop speaking christianese and start acting CHRIST-LIKE. Dump the religious attitude! All religion has done to our world is cause war, bitterness, intolerance and hatred- things that can never be found in the God we serve. He has chosen us to be the light of the world- to spread his word and HIS LOVE! That's what we have to do! I am not saying we should go along with things that God will not accept but a little love will go a long way. Let's drop  our pharisee hats and stop considering ourselves too holy! Let's simply remember how Jesus forgave the adulterer and let an unworthy woman clean his feet and wipe them with her hair.

What would Jesus do in our world today? He'll spread BUCKET-LOADS of LOVE! That's for sure!!! XOXO.

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