Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Real Man does not leave the Spiritual Leadership of the home to the Wife

"I think women are best suited to lead the family spiritually because they are more intuitive and closer to God."

"Don 't you see that in any church, the women are more than the men? They are more spiritual."

"I think I should leave that aspect of family life to my wife. My own job is to bring in the money and take care of the physical needs of the family."

These are some of the excuses that some men give when they relinquish the spiritual leadership of the family to their wives.

Every man should realise that apart from taking care of the physical needs of the family, he is responsible for spiritual growth of the family. Even though one is likely to find that the wife of the home is more spiritually mature. It is up to the husband of the home to rise up to the occasion.

The man is the head of the house and the Lord holds every man accountable for the welfare of the family - materially and spiritually.

So men, rise and take charge.

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