Monday, June 16, 2014

Humility Is a Virtue We Must All Possess!!!

I never understood what the big deal with humility was until it started to define certain moments in my life. As a child, I grew up in an environment where social and class stratification were present, and I accepted it as a norm of life that certain people did not relate with certain other people in society. 

And as a child, I longed to be part of the higher class individuals that people fell over themselves to speak to; the high class individuals who had their noses stuck in the air everytime and only managed to respond to the greetings of those beneath them with a tiny wave of the hand.

As I grew up however, experiences taught me to long for humility. Life is not about class and human-imposed social stratification. Like patience, humility is a virtue we must all possess! I recently read the story of a man who worked at a giant butchery. One fateful day, he accidentally locked himself in the walk-in freezer. It was after hours and no one could hear him banging against the door or his muffled screams. As the hours went by, he accepted fate, convinced he'll be a frozen body, beyond resuscitation by the next day. Suddenly, the door opened and this butcher looked up to see the company's security guard. "How did you know I was here?" He asked. 

The security guard responded "You are the only one that greets me in the morning and wishes me a good evening at the end of each day. Today, I heard you say 'morning' but I didn't hear a greeting in the evening. I decided to look around the butchery to check if you were still busy".

Humility is key, no matter how successful you are, or how higher up in ranks you are compared to others. There are situations and circumstances that your achievements, wealth or class cannot save you from. Sometimes you need the help of someone that is way at the bottom of the 'food chain'. 

God knows why he created everyone differently and put them in different positions. Society wouldn't function without the so-called 'rustics' many of us look down on. The cleaner at the office, creates a clean environment for you to work, the tea lady, the receptionist....whoever it may be, relate humbly. Remember, no matter how successful and wealthy you are, it's God's air you're breathing.


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