Saturday, June 14, 2014

Simple Ways To Develop Your Self-Esteem

As cliché as it may sound, self-esteem issues are issues that should not be ignored. Our character is formed on the backbone of our self-esteem, whether good or bad. These days, low self-esteem is increasingly rampant due to societal increase in physical and emotional abuse, absent parents and parents who are present but find it hard to build up their children. Low self-esteem issues are made even worse by the hypengyophobia present in this generation- no one wants to take responsibility for anything. We'd rather point fingers at one another, blame our past circumstances for the way we act presently and even try to wish away issues that keep us up at night. 

Unfortunately, low self esteem cannot be wished away. It is an issue that must be dealt with. If you suffer from a low self-esteem, don't hide yourself under a stone of dejection. Here are a few tips that can help:

1.) Take care of yourself: A low self-esteem can develop if you don't look after yourself. Unhealthy habits such as over-eating, or under-eating can contribute to a low self-esteem. As an individual, you need to eat right, not eat because of what society says or how society makes you feel. If you're obese or anorexic, you are not healthy! Skinny isn't equivalent to healthy, chunky isn't either. Eat right! Vegetables, fruits, proteins etc. Exercise is one of the ways you can improve your self-esteem. Studies have shown that women who exercise tend to feel better, look better and carry themselves better than those who don't. It was also shown that exercise boosts self-esteem and confidence in individuals.

2.) Be determined to fight it: Low self-esteem manifests itself in various ways; From fake lifestyles people project so they can earn the respect of others, to the inability to pay compliments out of jealousy. Women fall more into this category, as they are the more competitive gender. Learn to fight the urge to project who you're not! Remember God created only one of you. Trying to project a different image is a waste of who you really are and what you have to offer. Fancy handbags, shoes and clothes you can barely afford will only earn you the respect of empty individuals who do not look beyond the superficial. Pay compliments to those who look good at work, at school, church wherever. Don't go around thinking they are out to compete with you! Be happy with who God has made you to be and seize every legitimate opportunity you have to be better. 

3.) Remember God's Love Always: I say it often that we have forgotten how much God loves us, that's why there are so many people with low self-esteem taking the anger they have against themselves out on other people. Remember the bible says "Before you were conceived, I knew you"... You were not born by accident. God knows exactly why he created you the way you are. Always bask in the love of God; it makes you confident! God's love is unconditional and unfailing irrespective of how you see yourself. To him, we are kings and queens!

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