Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Be a Blessing to Someone Today!

Many of us are quick to classify ourselves as nice people; we have friends, we say hello to everyone at the office, we say nice things....we are simply nice. Sometime ago, I read a quote somewhere that said "Your day is incomplete if you haven't done something nice for someone that can't afford to pay you back". In our everyday lives, we tend to hang out with those who are equal to us; we do nice things for them, and even though we are not expecting them to pay us back, we know deep down that they owe us a favour.

A few weeks ago, at church, one of the pastors spoke passionately about giving; not just to the house of God but also to those in need, those that cannot afford to give back or even pay it forward. His message struck my heart as I remembered the many people that were homeless in winter and had no blankets to keep them warm on the park benches. I thought of those who couldn't afford one proper meal a day and the many children with worn out school shoes and torn makeshift handbags and I asked myself 'where are the christians in the land?' 

Being a christian is not simply about going to church, paying your tithes and offering, and making donations once in a while to the children's ministry or contributing to the choir's events. That sounds so monotonous and mechanical, like a routine that has been drawn up for us. Being a christian means being able to empathise with people who are stuck in terrible situations, even if you don't know them. Being a christian is not simply about obeying laws and doctrines, it's about being able to touch the life of someone, in a way that that person will be drawn to Christ. These days, Christians want to preach and show off their understanding of God's word and their ability to memorise bible verses, but we've forgotten that the best form of preaching is through our actions! 

Let's strive to be blessings to other people. Let children who do not know Christ be convinced they've had an encounter with an angel after they've met with us. It doesn't matter how small it is, it means a lot to someone else. At some point, I struggled to give because the devil was quick to remind me of how little I had. I often did some quick calculations in my head and told myself I had to save every extra cent. This went on for sometime until one day, a pastor in church said "Stop praying simply for more! God wants to know you can pay it forward. Pray that God would put you in a position to continually bless other people".

I challenge all the christians out there. Pray that you'll be a blessing to others. Start practising the act of giving with the little you have now. If all christians in the land would work together to bless people they do not know, people who can't afford to pay back, we will be winning more souls for christ! 


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