Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pay It Forward!

I learned my first 'pay it forward' lesson as a 12 year old child. It was christmas season and gifts were pouring into our home from all corners. I don't know if bags of rice were on sale; that year, we received up to eight 50kg bags of rice. For some reason, I was excited as our helpers carried the bags of rice into the kitchen store. A few minutes later, my mum walked into the store and started to stick name tags she had written with a pen on six of the bags. I was shocked! She wanted to give out six out of eight bags. "Mum why are you giving all our bags of rice away?" I asked. She looked at me with surprise written all over her face... see, I have never really been much of a rice person, so I figured she was wondering why I cared if she decided to give all the bags of rice away. "Can we eat all these bags of rice in one year?" I looked at them and shook my head. 400kg of rice is A LOT!

She went on to say "when someone blesses you with more than you require, bless someone else with the extras instead of hoarding it all. That way, you create room for more blessings".

Many of us are blessing hoarders. We keep every blessing we get to ourselves, scared that if we give a little bit out, we will run out. We refuse to share gifts people bless us with, we refuse to even share information that may help other people because we are scared they may outshine us. It's time to pay that blessing forward! God blesses us not just because he wants us to be happy, he wants us to bless those around us too so that they can glorify his name and his power in our lives. Givers never lack- that's something I've learned from my mother to be a fact. It is not a myth; pay your blessings forward., share with others! Those six bags of rice my mum gave out fed six families for probably a year. I can only imagine how many times they prayed for her each time they cooked rice.

Being blessed means nothing if you're not a blessing. Xoxo

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