Saturday, November 8, 2014

Learn To Appreciate Your Differences In Relationships

I don't know where people got the idea that couples need to be the same if they want their relationships to work. I think the differences in individuals make relationships interesting, and they should be appreciated. There are so many people today that are missing the point entirely when it comes to relationships. They want their partners to be replicas of themselves. If they like politics, then a potential partner must be interested in politics. If they harbor resentment against a certain set of people, then their partners must follow suit. Unfortunately, this is hardly the case, and more often than not, people find themselves destroying good relationships because they are obsessed with spending time with just one person- themselves.

I've met many people who consider those that do not share their perspective on life and other issues to be boring, unmotivated, confused, and sometimes unintelligent. This is not always the case. The fact that a person may not appreciate watching CNN the whole day doesn't mean that person is a dummy. Differences between partners bring spice to a relationship. They make the journey of discovering who the other person is, and what he or she is about, an adventure. 

It is important to acknowledge and appreciate the differences between you and your partner; these differences make your relationships interesting and give you a different perspective to human behaviour. Being with someone that is simply just another you can become rather monotonous and sooner or later, keeping up with the relationship will become a laborious task.

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