Monday, November 24, 2014

Make Your Mark Today

Chaz B
A few months ago I was home in Nigeria for a couple of weeks. During an afternoon drive with my mum and sister, we listened to a show on the radio. I think it was "sharing life issues with Chaz B". It was rather entertaining, it was enlightening. I laughed at some of the issues that were discussed, and I found the advice Chaz B whose full name I now know is Charles Bruce Chukwuma, eye-opening and mature. He had the appropriate attitude, the right approach, and the most heart-warming responses to people's questions. He offered real help whenever he could, and reminded people of God's importance in their lives. I loved the show! It lacked the general air of affectation most of the radio shows I've listened to in Nigeria had. Imagine my shock a few minutes ago when I heard that Chaz B passed away!

How? Why? When? Just a few days ago, I was trying to come to terms with the death of Myles Munroe and his wife, now this? I hear people say it everyday that life is too short, and I now know that no matter how long we live, our lives will be too short for all we can achieve. For us to feel a sense of fulfillment during our last few breaths, we need to make our marks in our own little way.

I remember reading an article online titled 'What's in your hand?" The writer wrote about how many of us complain about lacking the right environment, the right opportunities or even the right tools to do what we want to do. He referred to Moses in the bible who had nothing more than a rod to lead the Israelis out of Egypt. Just a rod! What good could that have been in the presence of powerful Pharaoh who had a multitude of magicians and soldiers at his disposal? Moses could have decided not to obey God, he could have run away, but he ventured bravely into the unknown. The article went on to ask what excuse we have these days- the internet is constantly at our disposal, we have digital appliances to make our lives easier, we can touch lives with a kind word, with blog posts, even on our social networks.

After hearing about Chaz B's death, I can't help but wonder what many of us are waiting for. Why are we holding back? Why can't we make our marks now? What's that dream you've always had to touch people's lives? Are you waiting for the red carpet and large hall filled with thousands of people before you work on it? Don't! Today is the only gift we are guaranteed, we should aim to maximize it. Make your mark today, even if it's in your own little way. Chaz B was probably not regarded as a celebrity, he probably wasn't someone many would recognize in public, but he was touching lives on a daily basis.

Quit the procrastination and start making a difference. I pray Chaz B rests in peace, and his family finds consolation in God during this difficult time. XOXO

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