Sunday, November 16, 2014

What Do You Bring To The Table?

These days I feel like I constantly need to ask some people this question. I find myself wondering if it is a question people should now ask each other before they go into a relationship. My ears have recently been filled with complaints from both males and females about their partners, I can't help but wonder if some presumably normal people are highly delusional.

Many relationships are in crisis for one of two reasons- both parties don't know what they bring to the table or one party comes to the table with empty hands, hoping to get as much as they can without giving anything in return. In some cases, some people bring what they deem fit to the table only to find out somewhere down the line that no one is really interested in the adulterated goods they are offering.

As an individual, what you bring to the table will be directly proportional to the value you add to yourself. You can't offer anything if you have no value within yourself. Many people scale through life hoping that they will meet a saviour along the way that will solve their problems, give them all they need and not expect them to give anything to the relationship. It is the most hilarious ideology I've ever heard, but certainly not the strangest. Some women believe if they can offer sex, then they are the best thing any man could have. That certainly sets me rolling on the floor. Anyone in the world can have sex; it takes much more than that to keep the relationship going. 

What do you bring to the table as individual? If you were left alone at the table, would you be satisfied with what you've served? If the answer is no, then you have more work to do. If the answer is 'maybe', then you still have some things to iron out. There are many of us that fail to constantly improve ourselves because we are either lazy or waiting for someone else we can become half of. If what you bring to the table is excellent quality, becoming half of someone else won't be something you'd consider. Before you go into a relationship, ponder over this question. Your response may determine how your relationship will turn out. Stay blessed

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