Thursday, November 13, 2014

Matthew 13: A Different Perspective

A couple of nights ago, I decided to break the habit of being too busy to read my bible. I was pulled to the first parable in Matthew 13. I read the whole passage to the end, but at the end, I had a different revelation. The parable in verses 3-9 speaks of a farmer who scattered his seed across the ground, with hopes that they would grow. Some seeds fell along the path and were eaten by birds. Some fell on rocky ground, and shallow soil. Though they grew, they were quickly scorched by the sun because they had no root. Others fell among thorns and were stifled as they grew. Those that fell on fertile soil however produced plants that were up to 100 times more than all the others could have produced.

This parable got me thinking about us humans and our dreams. Our dreams are like seeds that we scatter across the ground. We hope they'll ll grow but we really don't know what to expect when we put them out there. Some of them fall along the path and are snapped up by the vultures of the world. We sometimes share our dreams with people more experienced than we are, and we end up being sidelined. Sometimes our dreams fall on shallow soil. These are the dreams we don't dedicate a lot of attention to because we believe more in their failure than their success.

Our investments in these dreams are shallow and lackadaisical. These dreams soon wither because they are scorched by the harsh realities of the world. Some of our dreams start growing but they are stifled by the many adversaries we meet on the road to success- fake friends, society, discrimination etc. These dreams eventually die of strangulation. However, there are those dreams that fall on fertile soil; these are the dreams we nurture, the dreams we ensure do not fall among the thorns of society, the dreams we protect from the vultures of the world. Sometimes these dreams only fall on fertile soil after we have thrown some of our dreams in the wrong places. Sometimes we have to go through all the phases to reach our fertile soil. Sometimes we get lucky and our dreams fall on fertile soil the first time. 

The moral of this revelation for me is that we should never hesitate to pursue every dream; dreams are seeds that can be nurtured on fertile soil, and we should invest in them as much as we can. XOXO

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