Saturday, November 8, 2014

Don't Forget The Dream

These days I spend a considerable amount of time thinking about my dreams and wondering if i'm on the right path to achieve them. I attended an entrepreneurship conference last weekend, and it made me think even harder about my dreams, if they were in line with the kind of future I want for myself. I was privileged to hear businessmen and other speakers tell their story and the ups and downs they faced during the course of their journey to success.

These days, achieving our dreams may be more difficult than they were years ago; the competition is tougher, and of course life happens. We sometimes find ourselves facing a direction different from the one we planned and we end up getting frustrated and unhappy. In some cases however, we find ourselves in a comfort zone- a zone where we do not have all we want, but we have the basic things we need. In this zone, we tend to relax, forget our worries, and above all, forget our dreams.

The comfort zone prevents us from going farther, from aiming higher, and from achieving the best. The comfort zone makes us forget the dreams we once had. It makes us believe we have the basics many people don't, therefore, we ought to let sleeping dogs lie, and just make do with what we have. In addition, with the continuous hustle and bustle of life, some of us get so exhausted, we forget to aim high or even dream. Dreaming becomes exhausting, not to mention taking action to achieve them.

One lesson I learned from the conference last weekend was to constantly stay in touch with my dreams. Sometimes we may not be able to take immediate actions to achieve our dreams, but constantly thinking about them and mapping out plans help us to stay in touch with them. No form of preparation is wasted, and though your dreams may seem too difficult to reach, keep working on them. One day, everything will pay off. XOXO

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